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ur Working Partners and Collaborators

          We are, without a doubt, indebted to a number of organizations and institutions who have supported our 
          research, restoration and clean-up efforts.  They include, in no particular order of importance:
                  Trout Unlimited
                  Oceana Conservation District
                  Newago Conservation District
                  Kropscott Farm Environmental Center
                  Muskegon Area Conservation District

                  MSU Extension Services
                  Michigan Department of Natural Resources 
                  Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy
                  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration                  
                  Newaygo County Environmental Coalition 

                  United States Forest Service
                  United States Fish and Wildlife Service
                  West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission
                  West Michigan Watershed Collaborative   
                  White Lake Association
                  Oceana County Road Commission

          Both the Fremont Area Community Foundation and Community Foundation of Muskegon County have
          helped us grow our endowment fund over the years. And in 2016, WRWP signed a Cooperative Work 
          Agreement with White Lake Association, White Lake Sport Fishing Association and White River Steelheaders.
          The agreement recognizes that the long-term viability and sustainability of the unique natural resources
          of the watershed requires the cooperation and partnership of organizations already working to protect it.
          WLA, Steelheaders, WLSFA and WRWP are committed to collaborative support for the White River
          Watershed through the sharing of resources, education of the general public, and mutual efforts of
          conservation, restoration and protection.

To visit Jerry Grady's wonderful photographs and videos taken within our watershed, go to watershedwildlife.com by clicking his photo to the left.